Corporate Relocation

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Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation includes an employer transferring an employee and paying moving expenses.

At Countrywide Relocation Services, we recognize that corporate relocation is a complex and time consuming process. It takes away your precious and limited time reserved for your career and family. We know that, for managers, transferring your employees is one of your many job responsibilities. Our company will take care of your employees throughout the entire moving process. The professional staff at Countrywide Relocation Services will guide them through each step, enabling them to arrive at their new job within your budget and ready to work. We understand that successful and cost effective corporate relocation is of utmost importance to your business. Our custom tailored approach to each client will help you complete your corporate relocation process without stress and unnecessary hassle.  

Corporate Relocation

In providing corporate relocation, we offer our valued clients top notch customer service. With our professional guidance, moving your employees to new corporate assignments at new destinations becomes a time saving and worry free experience.

No matter where your new corporate destination – whether within the state or across the country, Countrywide Relocation Services has you covered.  Throughout our experience with corporate clients and company managers, we have learned the importance of planning and relying on precise deadlines. Our experts will provide you with a clear time frame for when your belongings will arrive at their new location. At each step along the way, your belongings are safe from losses and damages.

Countrywide Relocation Services provides corporate employees and their families with a wide range of services to support your move. These include packing, loading and unloading, transportation, furniture disassembly and reassembly, vehicle relocation services, short Term and long term storage, and corporate storage services.

We cannot stress how much we value your time and strict schedule. Since packing is the most time consuming part of corporate relocation, we pay special attention to proper packing. That enables safe transportation of your items, so they arrive at their destination undamaged. 

Corporate Relocation

We understand our clients’ possessions often include large and heavy furniture items. That is why we use special equipment to disassemble them before the transport and assemble them after they reach your destination.

Moving to a new location requires your employees to have their vehicles at their disposal as soon as they arrive. For that reason, we provide a vehicle relocation service.

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Since we aim at providing a full service package, we offer our clients storage in transit options (SIT) as part of our exclusive treatment in corporate relocation. If you need to start your relocation immediately but are still unsure when you will arrive at a new location, we can store your belongings at one of our storage facilities. Your goods will remain safe until you are ready to receive them at your new home.

​At Countrywide Relocation Services, we pride ourselves on helping businesses relocate employees and their families. Supporting successful corporations is one of the main traits of our business philosophy.

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