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Long Distance Moving Services

Moving can be a stressful experience.

 Whether you are moving by yourself or with a moving company, the first thing that crosses your mind are probably costs, delays, damages, and stress.

But moving does not have to be a daunting task. At Countrywide Relocation Services, we provide our clients with top quality customer service. With our professional help and guidance, long distance moving can become a time saving and worry free experience.

Best Long Distance Moving Services

Unlike international shipping, any transport of more than 400 miles within the country is considered long distance moving.

There are various shipping methods, depending on the type of transportation service. While international moving companies mostly use air and ocean freight options, long distance movers utilize ground transportation methods.

Long Distance Moving Services

At Countrywide Relocation Services, we will provide you with a clear time frame for when your belongings will arrive at their destination. In performing that task with us, your goods are safe from losses and damages. We also guarantee no necessary delays.

Our company does not only transport your belongings to the desired destination. We also provide you with a wide range of services to support your move, keeping your peace of mind undisturbed.

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The most time consuming part of long distance moving is packing and unpacking of goods. That is also one of the most crucial aspects of any moving operation. Proper packing enables safe transportation while guaranteeing your items will arrive at their destination undamaged. Our professionals will ensure your goods travel safely to their final location, putting them at the place of your choosing after unloading. 

Sometimes, you cannot move heavy furniture due to its large dimensions. Our professionals are well versed in dissembling any piece of furniture and assembling it after transport at your final destination. Our clients can rest assured their favorite appliances will remain unimpaired.

Countrywide Relocation Services team will spare you heavy lifting. Our movers will carefully load the trucks after packing everything at your home or other premises and then unload it at the destination. We use special equipment for the heaviest furniture to protect it from scratches and other impairments.



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Bottom Line

You can always choose to move your belongings across the country by yourself. But before you do, take a moment to ponder about the cost and time requirements of such an endeavor. In addition, there are no guarantees in case your goods are damaged or lost during transportation. You are on your own.

On the other hand, by hiring Countrywide Relocation Services, you choose professional customer service and excellence in each step. We are responsible for your goods during every minute of transportation – until we reach the final destination. Countrywide Relocation Services stands out from other moving providers. We pay special attention and care for the smallest piece of your furniture by treating it with due diligence like our lives depend on it.

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